The Team at XBTCMINE would like to wish you a Merry Christams and a Prosperous New Year. Be safe and enjoy your holidays.please add Bitcon wallet in your account. Thanks a lot for being with us!


What is cloud mining?
Cloud mining helps you to start mining immediately, without having access to your mining hardware physically. Normal mining requires sufficient technical knowledge as well as you must purchase particular hardware and set it up with the use of human power. While in the cloud mining, all you need to create your account, purchase hash rate you want to mine. At last, we will assign particular hash rate to your account and our machines in our data centers will mine bitcoin forever for you.

How do i get payment in BTC?
To ensure high earning for you, our hardware remains active to mine different crypto currency at the same time. Then-after, we exchange that crypto currencies with Bitcoin at best price. On the final stage, we provides you a bitcoin as part of daily payments by matching up with your current powers and our crypto currencies price.

How do i change my payout address?
You can change your Bitcoin-wallet payout address on settings page. Click on change address & link on settings page. It will send you an email to your registered email address. Click on the verification link in your email, it will redirect you back to the xbtcmining. Now you can enter your new Bitcoin-wallet address.

Where is our mining data center located?
Our mining data centers are located at 2 secure places. Canada & Singapore. I didn`t received power, but my payment is done, What to do? Normally, your all payments will be confirmed after 6 confirmations. Even after 6 confirmations, you did not received hash power and your request status is in pending status, Please contact our customer support and provide your invoice ID

What do I need to start mining?
First of all you have to create an account using your email address. Then you should check your mail address and get temporary password through that you can login and change it. As soon as you enter site you get 15 Kh/s power for free bonus for forever and your mining can control the statistics of earned income and all the things in Dashboard and Transaction page. If you like the productivity our service you can purchase more power from the Buy page.

How can i purchase powers?
To purchase a power its required to have a working Bitcoin-wallet. You can create Bitcoin-wallet using any popular wallet service. We recommend you to make your new wallet using Blockchain wallet service from & alternative Bitcoin wallet and After creating your wallet, you can purchase your desired hash power in Xbtcmine.,Inc. and pay the invoice via Bitcoin-wallet.

How can Submitted Transaction hashcode?
Your have make a Payment after Compulsory Submitted Transaction Hash Code ,Through Buy page., as Order to Payment via Bitcoin.Click on Submit Hash Code Button & Paste The Transaction Hash Code to box.and than click on submit.

Can i have my money back if i don`t like?
Yes, You can ask your money back anytime. We gives you 100% investment back without any fees. You need to inform our customer support to get refund of your investment. Refunds will be credited after deducting your total earning by following the calculation. (Your refund = Your investment - Your total daily payouts.)

How can i get the profit?
You can get your profit daily. Automatic payouts on your Registered our website Valid Bitcoin-wallet. balance must be greater than 0.005 BTC.

Why do we measure purchased power in KH/s?
We are using video cards to mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies together. While, the video card measures that power in KH/s. So, we are following their algorithm of KH/s to measure our total purchased powers in KH.

How Safe my Investment is?
We assure you that its absolutely safe as we offer cooperation with zero risk for you. We offer a cooperation strategy that does not involve risk.

What do I need to become your Investor?
To become investor you just need to have own unique Bitcoin wallet (address) and create a free account with us.

What Currency Can I Invest Here?
We only accept Bitcoin.

What is free Power and How Can it Works?
Users get 15 kH/s bonus power when they register an account with us. Daily profit of free power will be added to the balance. Auto payout option will only be available after purchasing the minimum power. Free power will get deactivated if user does not purchase minimum power withing 15 days.

What about Minimum and Maximum buy Power?
Minimum power you can purchase is 21kh/s. The maximum buy power is not limited.

Is there any Transaction fee for withdrawal?
No, all transaction are free.

What is the best time to customer Support?
We are ready to provide the necessary assistance don`t Heritage to contact our friendly support team any time, 24/7/365. Email: